Couple Swap? Anyone?

Hey couples! Yes, I'm talking to you! Have you considered everything before getting started?


Always remember...

The three pillars of how to have a successful alternative relationship.


Never stop talking about your experience.


Always keep your partner in the front of your mind


Share how you really feel in a emotionally mature way.


Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

Yup, communicate. Talk about what you both want out of the lifestyle. What do you want to explore together.

Joining the lifestyle as a couple isn't one sided because you're not getting the level of s*x you want. It's about 2 people who are secure enough in their relationship to explore more together.


Boundaries are important and ensure comfort when taking small steps in the lifestyle

How do you create your boundaries? Well, you talk to your partner about hyperthetical situations. If you don't feel good with the situation then that is a boundary. Stick with them until you feel okay to push that certain boundary.

Boundaries can be minor or major things. I know couples who don't like kissing and that's their boundary. They feel it's romantic and wish to keep it between themselves.


Majority of new couples in the lifestyle want a unicorn to join them but it's not that easy.

I was in the same position, I wanted a single woman to come and join my husband and I in the bedroom. Do you know why they are called unicorns? Because they're rare in the lifestyle.

Don't get your hopes up that this will happen. I did and I felt bummed out that we couldn't find the perfect woman for us. Talk about other options to ensure you don't feel deflated with the search.


Did you know you don't have to jump in the deep end straight away. There's millions just like you.

That's right! It's called a soft swap. You don't have to jump into the deep end and swap partners. Let me explain more what soft swapping is and how it can be the first step for you to get started.

Soft swapping can mean a variety of things and you make up the rules. Soft Swapping could be only the women play with each other and the guys stick with their own partner or you have full intercourse with your own partner and are only allowed to touch the other couple. The list is endless. Sometimes, just having s*x next to another couples can create enough energy for an amazing adrenaline rush.


Full swaps are the most common practice in the lifestyle.

Full swapping is the majorities go to thing. It's exciting and really can get the adrenaline going!

My only advice is this.

Make sure both are you attracted to the other couple. Don't take one for the team.

Make sure to ask their boundaries so no one can say it was a terrible night. Stay cool, you've got this!

Joining the swinger lifestyle can be a big decision for couples, and it's important to approach it with open communication and careful consideration. Here are a few tips for couples who are interested in joining the swinger lifestyle.

Research and educate yourself about the lifestyle before jumping in. There are many online communities, forums and books that can help you understand more about the lifestyle and the dynamics involved.

Communicate openly and honestly. Discuss your desires, boundaries, and expectations with your partner before making the decision to join the lifestyle.

Establish rules and boundaries. Set clear boundaries and rules for your relationship to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and respected.

Be respectful. Remember to be respectful of other couples and their boundaries, and always ask for consent before engaging in any activity.

Take it slow. Start off slowly and ease into the lifestyle by attending events or parties that are designated as "lifestyle-friendly."

Self-care. Remember to take care of yourself emotionally and physically, and be mindful of how the lifestyle may be affecting you.

Practice safe sex. Always use protection and be aware of the risks associated with the lifestyle.

It's important to remember that joining the swinger lifestyle is a personal choice and it should be done with mutual consent and communication. It's a lifestyle that can bring a lot of pleasure and satisfaction to couples, but it's not for everyone.

Lets talk about clubs?

Clubs are a popular way for others to meet in the middle or even find that fetish or kink you've always wanted to try. There are many parties out there that can cater to your wants and needs.

It's important to remember that joining the swinger lifestyle is a personal choice and it should be done with mutual consent and communication. It's a lifestyle that can bring a lot of pleasure and satisfaction to couples, but it's not for everyone.


Okay... We're near the end but let's go through a few things about clubs that you might not have thought about.

if it's your first time going to a club, go with the mindset that your only going for a drink and a look around. Do not go expecting anything and if you want to play, you're only going to play with each other. You will be surprised on how much it dampens the nerves down when you adopt this mindset.

You may be submissive but if you feel uncomfortable with someones actions. Speak up. You can always go to the staff of the venue with any issues and they will resolve it. The aim is to have a magical and rememberable night.


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