Let's go single guys!

Lets read what makes a great single guy stand out in the lifestyle, but before we get started. Single guys are constantly requested by many couples and single women. So let's make the best start possible?


Always remember...

The three pillars of what makes a successful guys in the lifestyle.


Always show respect for others dynamics


Even when rejected, stay professional


Never say a word, keep it to yourself.


Did you know single guys are in constant demand with couples and single women in the lifestyle?

That's right, couples are opting for single guys to join them in the lifestyle to fulfil fantasies and desires.

But... Here's the biggest change you need to make when entering the lifestyle.


It's time that you adopt a new mindset towards s*x and how people want to play with you.

Ditch the typical single guy mindset. I'm here to give you the best tips for messaging others online to ensure a high success rate.

" πŸ† pics aren't great if it's someone random messaging you"


The first message is always important, be that guy people remember when they need a solo man.

Write a good description about you, what you do for work, hobbies and interests and what you're looking for. Do you want to know the BIGGEST thing about your message which is the most important? Face Pics.

Face pics along with a good written out message can do wonders! Remember, dress smartly and thing about the background in your pics. Yes we check how your living standards are. So, make your bed and tidy up.


Respect can go a long way, even when they reject you. You might not be for them but maybe for someone else.

Word can spread around the lifestyle about bad experiences and messaging like wildfire. If you are rejected, always kill them with kindness. Honestly, I've seen opinions change on people who respond with the nicest message possible.

Please remember, everyone has their own lives, families and other interests, so if you don't get a response, then it's okay, leave it and move on. However, if they post a status requiring a meet, then fire another good quality message.Β 


You've had some success and are planning a meet! Here's the way to do things to prep for you amazing night!

If you've planned a meet with a couple, make sure they're both involved with the messaging and give equal attention to both. Respecting the male of the couple will show your interests aren't to just get your end away, but to ensure everyone can have a magical experience.

Always make sure to talk about rules and boundaries. What they're into. The do's and don'ts. There will be nothing worse when they message you saying they didn't enjoy themselves because you did something they didn't like.


OMGGGGG it's happening!! The day is here to meet! Okay... calm down, lets talk about this!

What ever you do, don't turn up early or late. Turning up early when they're not ready can be stressing. But also, if you're late, it shows you're not taking their time seriously. I personally have cancelled meets because they were late and not communicated with me with what's going on.

It goes without saying, but... Dress smartly, smell good and make sure downstairs in trimmed. ALWAYS take your own protection and make sure you are checking to ensure everyone is okay with what's going on.

The swinger lifestyle is an alternative form of sexual expression that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It involves couples who engage in sexual activities with other couples or single individuals. As the lifestyle becomes more mainstream, more and more single men are finding themselves interested in joining the lifestyle.

However, being a single man in the swinger lifestyle comes with its own set of challenges and responsibilities. One of the most important things to keep in mind is the importance of respect and consent. When engaging in sexual activity with someone else's wife, it is crucial to obtain explicit consent from both partners before proceeding.

Respect is key in the swinger lifestyle and it is important for single men to understand that a woman's husband is her partner and that their relationship should be respected at all times. This means not trying to pressure or manipulate a woman into engaging in sexual activity and understanding that any advances should be made with the husband's knowledge and consent.

Additionally, it's important for single men to understand that the swinger lifestyle is not a hunting ground for easy sex or an excuse for disrespectful behavior. It's about consenting adults coming together to explore their sexuality and deepen their connections.

It's also important to note that not all women in the lifestyle are open to single men, and respecting their boundaries is crucial. It's important to be open and honest about your intentions, and to not take it personally if a woman or a couple decline your advances.

Single men also need to be aware that some couples have rules and boundaries that may differ from other couples. It is important to ask for and respect these boundaries, and not to assume that just because a couple is in the lifestyle, that they are open to anything.

In conclusion, being a single man in the swinger lifestyle can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, but it's important to remember that respect and consent are essential. It's important to be open and honest with your intentions, to respect boundaries, and to always obtain explicit consent before engaging in any sexual activity. Remember that the swinger lifestyle is about consenting adults coming together to explore their sexuality and deepen their connections, it is not about taking advantage of others.

What do I do in clubs?

Clubs are a total different playground. There are more things to learn on how to act and behave. Shall we get started?


There's only a handful of etiquette tips for clubs! Enjoy the read.

  • Do ask them if they would like a drink to strike up conversation
  • Do Dress smart and smell good
  • Accept rejection with kindness
  • If they reject your drink, accept that they are not interested.
  • Ask if you can be involved, touch or hang around near them when in the playroom.

  • Don't assume everyone there will play with you.
  • Don't approach a woman when her husband isn't present.
  • Don't lurk in doorways watching.
  • Don't touch if you haven't being asked to.
  • Don't follow couples and singles around the club expecting they will invite you.

Go, Go, Go!

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